You Don't Want to Miss 3 Tips for Updating Your Resume in a Flash

Get a call from a recruiter or and don't have time to update your resume in the next 10 minutes? We've got you covered with these 3 tips for quickly reformatting your resume in a matter of minutes!


Note Necessary Keywords


This is the most important aspect of your resume in each position. Hiring managers are often looking for specific skills and technologies from the job description to be listed in your resume. Study the job description and personalize your resume for each new role. Interpreting what the most important keywords for a position are may seem a challenging in the beginning, but with a bit of time and practice you'll be able to pick up on the most important keywords and phrases in a matter of moments. With help of a recruiter, you often will be given an advantage in this step as they are specifically given insight on what the client may be looking for in a new hire for the role you're interviewing for.


Highlight Interchangeable Experience


Notice the job description says they are specifically looking for someone with mobile banking experience? Maybe with developing on the back-end? Be sure to list how your previous experience may relate to this, even if it is personal / side project experience. While a skill or project may not be casually related, it's important to consider how some skills may be interchangeable in newly assigned projects.


The key to a good resume is finding out what the most important aspects of the role are and how you will benefit the organization in these areas. Be sure to be specific in the interview on how you plan to improve the current procedures and shine as an employee. Think about your value and knowledge as an employee, what do you do really well? Once you find out what your strengths are and how they will benefit the organization, you'll be able to catch the eye of the hiring manager right away!


Keep the Format Clean & Simple


To save time, ensure you have a resume outline that is easily about to reformat with all necessary spelling and grammatical errors changed. Keep multiple versions on hand, i.e. a developer and a lead developer, or a PM and a BA, or a BA and a Scrum version, etc. This should be a rough outline of what your experience is, with room for additions and personalization for each new role you apply for. Your resume outline should include any of your technical skills / certifications, a summary of your overall experience, any relevant projects / accomplishments, educational experience, and your overall professional experience.


Tweaking your resume for each job is immensely important as it is the first impression given to the potential employer. Use the job posting as a rough outline for the type of wording and technologies they're utilizing.


Speak with a Recruiter


Interested in speaking with a recruiter on how to better format your resume? We're here to help! Send a copy of your resume to with a subject line of "Resume Help" to hear how you can improve your resume today!