Women In the Information Technology Field Seek Career Advice

OK, let’s say the quiet part out loud: women are underrepresented in the world of information technology. But there’s tons of good news buried in that statement!
I think we would all agree that the IT market is growing by leaps and bounds.
In this post, you’ll get career advice in these 4 key areas concerning women in IT:
  • What Are The Benefits For Women In The IT Field?
  • What Skills Do You Need To Succeed In IT
  • What Areas of IT Should I Focus On?
  • How Can You Advance?
So what are the benefits for women pursuing careers in IT?
IT jobs offer a high degree of flexibility coupled with high compensation potential. According to IT networking and job board company Built In, over 64% of working women want to see more flexible work hours, shifts, and locations.
This is especially true of working mothers who want the flexibility to be the primary caregiver in raising their children.
IT jobs often offer flexible work-from-home options and salaries ranging from $45,000 to $112,000. Contract, temp, and part-time positions are also plentiful in the IT world.
What Skills Do You Need To Succeed In IT?
Skill sets are going to vary, as in all career specialties. A degree in computer science or programming will certainly help, but in IT, a degree is not mandatory. A good mix of experience and skills can land you an excellent job.
Companies are looking for qualified people who can do everything from basic system administration to security, to programming, and everything in between.
What Areas Of IT Should I Focus On?
You can’t go wrong with anything cloud-related in IT right now. The cloud IT market is growing 3-4 times faster than classic IT, and your skills will translate across cloud and classic IT boundaries.
How Can You Move Up In The Organization?
You may want to consider a new job search if you feel like you’re being passed by, or that you’re underpaid. Your current company might not have advancement opportunities that fit your goals.
The best way to showcase your skills might just be to start exploring new career opportunities.
There’s great news for female job-seekers looking for opportunities in the information technology sector. There are plenty of flexible job opportunities with great compensation packages out there.
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