Why You Should Always Keep Your Resume Up to Date

OK, so you’re not looking for a job, so your resume is out of date. So what, right? Not so fast.
There are many great reasons for information technology, engineering, and business operations professionals to keep their resumes up to date.
According to the message board at online technical certification giant TechExams, there can be many reasons for current employers to ask for an updated resume. This was only one response: Many consulting/service companies keep employee resumes on file as they have to attach resources/skills/personnel for bidding on work. Some also keep track of this information at a more granular level to identify if their organization has skills gaps or untapped talents as they look to expand into other opportunities.
Most technical professionals think that resumes and CVs only need to be current for active job seekers. In today’s world that’s definitely not the case. In this post, you’ll learn three great reasons to keep your resume updated, even if you think you don’t need to!
Your Current Employer May Need Your Most Current Resume
And the reasons they may ask you for a current resume can be good or bad. HR professionals, along with hiring managers and teams, need to stay on top of the current skill sets in their workforce. They will often need to identify strengths and weaknesses to plan for potential increases in staffing, or for potential staff reductions.
Either way, you want to be well-positioned for any potential opportunities for advancement or to insulate yourself from any potential reductions in the workforce. Having a great, current resume, prepared and ready to go, will always be to your advantage.
You May Be Surprised at Your Own Accomplishments
You never want a resume to be too monochromatic. Specializations and focus are great for IT, business operations, and engineering professionals. Just make sure you’re capturing all of your accomplishments, including soft skills like communications and leadership, as well as your certifications, specialized hard skills, etc.
The best time to get some professional resume advice is definitely not when you need it tomorrow! Be prepared with a dazzling, up-to-date resume because…
You May Be Missing Out On Your Dream Job
Time is always of the essence in the world of hiring managers and HR professionals with open job searches. So always be ready to slip into job candidate mode.
You may have fans out there that you’re not even aware of. And they may have referred you to a recruiter. This means you might get a call someday, out of the blue, to interview for your life-long dream job. Or you may be asked to apply for an open internal position with your current company.
Whatever the circumstances are, the bottom line is always to be ready to show off your skills, experience, capabilities, and value with a current, professionally polished resume.
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