Tough Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering a Job Change

We've all been there! The moment in time where we've wanted to change jobs, but have never truly considered asking ourselves what it would genuinely take to make a change. Before looking for a new role, consider asking yourself these questions to help you gauge what is most important to you in a new position.


Can my current situation be fixed?


This one is a tough one as sometimes a lot of our own attitude towards a position is internally related to a specific instance that we may have no control over. Think about your attitude towards the company and your work and try to recognize where you may be feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Are there any ways you can alleviate this stress? Are there any other departments you may lean on for help in achieving project deadlines and goals?


What are the key factors for feeling unhappy?


It's important to identify your key reasons for feeling unhappy in the role. What are the factors causing you to feel overwhelmed? Is it related to stress / fatigue in the role, maybe your coworkers, recognition or the overall work environment? What would be the ideal resolution you'd be looking for when considering a new role? Once you figure out what is truly making you feel overwhelmed, it will be easier to see what kind of role you want to try to target (or keep far away from!) By narrowing down what your key reasons for feeling unhappy in your current role are, you're able to select companies who mirror these values and desires more closely as well.


How do I find a job I love?


By speaking with an mCubed recruiter, you're able to tell us what you're looking for in a new role and we can match you with a client that fits this image. With our experience staffing in the Business Operations, Professional and Engineering Industries, we've been able to match candidates time and time again with companies that reflect their values and desires more closely. We have a number of open positions across the US for a variety of clients that are looking to hire immediately! Send a copy of your resume to to hear what positions we have available for you!