Top IT Trends You Should Know About for 2022—And Beyond!

2022 is right around the corner. As an IT professional, will you be ready for the new technologies that are ready to explode?
Are you ready for the always-evolving IT landscape coming next year? The question may seem a little premature. But to prepare yourself, it's essential to know what the trends are.
In this post, we're going to discuss some of the top trends that you’ll want to pay attention to in the coming year(s). And remember, as we point out in a previous post, always be upskilling!
Hiring managers are having a hard time filling IT positions right now, and that doesn’t appear to be changing in 2022.
In the tech industry, compensation is linked to tech skills that are in demand. Higher the demand for a skill, the higher the compensation. Premiums on salaries are one way for companies to attract top talent. The average premium on salaries for the top in-demand tech skills ranged as high as $25,000 (Burning Glass Technologies study, Forbes).
As an IT professional, and potential job seeker, how can you stay on top of all the changes in the market?
In this post, you’ll learn about how these trends will change the IT hiring market in 2022 and beyond:
  • Cloud Computing
  • The Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Blockchain technology
Many of these evolving innovations and technologies are intertwined. So let’s tie them together to make things make more sense contextually.
Cloud computing is first on the list for a reason. It’s because the next five technology trends underneath it could not exist without the cloud. Neither your IoT front door security device nor your remotely configurable thermostat phone apps could exist without the cloud.
Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, its close cousin “The Metaverse,” and Augmented Reality could not exist at their current scale and capabilities without the cloud either. The cloud provides compute, storage, network, and applications that are available for rent, on-demand.
If these resources and services were not available for transient use, ML, VR, and AR platforms and applications would not be as ubiquitous as they are today. The on-demand availability of technology and resources in the cloud has reduced software time-to-market exponentially.
So what about blockchain? This technology is an up-and-comer. Made famous as being at the heart of Bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain is definitely a technology to watch.
Blockchain technology touts peer-to-peer, autonomous, decentralized application integrity. It is the exact opposite of the massively scalable, centrally managed architecture of the cloud.
So what’s the bottom line? You simply can’t go wrong by sharpening and rounding out your cloud skills and certifications. Blockchain knowledge is undoubtedly in demand, but the technology is not quite as mainstream as the cloud at this point.
Are you an IT professional considering a new job or career path slanted toward the latest-greatest, up-and-coming technologies? Or maybe you just have some questions?
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