The What the How and the Why of Virtual Onboarding

I think we would all agree that virtual “everything” is here to stay when it comes to workforce management. What about virtual onboarding for new hires? The answer to this question is a definite yes.
Online HR information website HRMorning sums it up succinctly: “The goal of virtual onboarding remains the same as it was when you got to sit across the table from new hires...”
That’s a great way to approach onboarding. So how can HR teams benefit from and improve their virtual onboarding processes and technology?
In this post, you’ll learn:
  • What Is Virtual Onboarding and Why Does It Matter?
  • How Do You Create an Effective Virtual Onboarding Process?
  • Why Do Companies Need to Improve Their Current Onboarding Processes for New Hires?
So let’s get started!
What is virtual onboarding and why does it matter?
Virtual onboarding is a process that takes place before an employee starts working remotely. It helps them get set up with the software, tools, security policies, and human resources they need to do their work.
It also enables them to learn about company policies and procedures and to connect with other team members. This will help the new employee to assimilate into the company and its culture.
For employees, virtual onboarding can help them feel more confident in their new role from day one! It also helps with any anxiety they may have about working remotely for the first time.
How do you create an effective virtual onboarding process?
So, how do you create an effective virtual onboarding process? Here are a few tips:
  • Examine the Steps in Your Current Onboarding Plan and See What's Missing By Doing a Couple of Dry Runs With Your Staff
  • Review Company Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures with New Hires During Their First Week
  • Create a Schedule for Training Modules That Can Be Completed Online to Help New Hires Learn About Company Culture and Policies
  • Help New Hires Learn the Software Systems, Process Guidelines, and Other Necessary Operational Knowledge Required in Their First Week
  • Make Sure the New Hire Has Access to a Full Contact Database (Especially HR Contacts!)
Why do companies need to improve their current onboarding processes for new hires?
Companies need to improve their current onboarding process for new hires because the global workforce at large will continue to work remotely into the foreseeable future.
A seamless and informative virtual onboarding process is essential for remote workers. This process is the foundation for the new hire to form strong relationships in the workplace. It is also crucial to help them feel like they have a voice, and that they’re part of the team.
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