The Purpose of an Introductory Call With A Recruiter, And How to Prep For It

We find that about half of our clients know what an introductory call is, and the other half do not. In this post, we’ll explain the three main objectives to prepare for in advance of your introductory call:
  • Update Your Resume Format
  • Do A Self-Evaluation On Your Future Career
  • Prepare to Talk About Compensation
Recruiter calls are often the first interaction an individual has with a company. Preparing for a conversation with a recruiter can help individuals improve their confidence and answer questions effectively during a phone interview. Learning how to prepare for a recruiter call can help you show potential employers that you're an ideal fit for a particular position.
But what should job seekers do to prepare for the call?
Update Your Resume Format
Candidates need to be especially cognizant of resume formats in today’s world of applicant tracking systems and job search automation tools. We go into more detail on this in a previous post, but make sure you stick to the basics—start with your most recent jobs/roles/titles, follow with skills and certifications, limit your resume to one page if possible.
Do A Self-Evaluation On Your Future Career Objectives
As we point out in a recent post on doing a self-evaluation, “As you reflect on the past year, it’s a good time to review your professional accomplishments, setbacks, challenges, and weaknesses. Then you can set some goals for the coming new year.”
In other words, be ready to talk candidly with your recruiter about what you’re looking for in your next job.
Prepare to Talk About Compensation
Money matters! But so do ancillary benefits like work-lifestyle choices, health and retirement benefits, etc. Spend some time dedicating some serious thought to the less-obvious side of your desired compensation package.
If any of this sounds confusing or complicated, give us a call. We’re here to help!
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