The Future of Hiring Amidst a Global Pandemic: A Client's Guide to Change

As experts in the IT and Engineering staffing industry, we've come to see tremendous changes throughout the 2020 year in hiring efforts and thought we would discuss some of the big things to keep in mind as we progress through the remainder of 2020 and into the new year.


The Market is Over Saturated - Be Patient


Recognize that with a global pandemic, mass layoffs to keep companies afloat are becoming a common means to cut costs. This often includes letting go of qualified, skilled employees who might not be essential to a project. While this might have seemed like a red flag in the past, it's becoming a common reality for thousands of individuals around the world. Take a moment to recognize the market is over-saturated. The candidate pool is now overflowing, leading to high competition rates among open roles for skilled candidates, and finding candidates with every single one of the skills you're looking for may be more challenging than it seems with such immense competition.


Old Ways Won't Open New Doors (Or Offer Top Candidates)


While old ways are comfortable and may have proven effective in the past, the pandemic has forever changed the workforce and has immensely impacted the preferences of candidates and clients alike. Consider talking with your account manager or recruiter about interviewing candidates who might be willing to grow into a role or enhance their training with opportunities for candidates who might not have traditionally been considered due to gaps in a resume, skills or experience. Right now is the time to adapt and think creatively to help relieve some of the problems you might be facing in your hiring efforts and turning to non-traditional methods like culture fit or room for advancement can allow for cost cuts and a strong relationship with the employee. Whether this means hiring on-contract for your roles to "try-out" an employee before committing or re-thinking and adjusting a pre-existing role, it's especially important now that companies are playing to their employee's strengths and paying attention to the pitfalls of the business.


Communicate With & Trust in Your Account Manager


It's likely the account manager for your company is sending over a candidate because they feel their experience and skills match the job description alongside your personal preferences for talent. This also means that that specific candidate's resume has gone through not only the recruiter's hands but also the account managers and has been approved to send. The account manager's main job is to study the role / company and accept or reject potential candidates for the role based off of the criteria provided for the role. If the resume made it to your email, it's likely worth at least a quick online interview. Complete trust in our account managers to bring qualified, talented candidates is what we strive for most here at mCubed.


Allow Us to Find the Right People


Allow us to do the hard work for you, that's why we're here! We've been consistently providing top talent to businesses of all sizes within our community for over 5 consecutive years now. With our combined staffing experience, we encompass over 50 years of experience and expertise for your personal benefit. We understand it's a stressful time in history and business, which is why we take the time to truly get to know you and what your pain points are. We do our best to help provide an unparalleled staffing experience time and time again.


Interested in Hearing More?


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