The Future Looks Bright for IT, Engineering, and Business Op’s Pros

That’s great news for the workforce at large. But it also means that sourcing and hiring new employees for these positions will be more difficult for hiring teams and HR professionals.
Compensation and benefits packages are definitely on the rise for IT, engineering, and business operations professionals.
The recovery for many hard-impacted businesses won’t be smooth sailing, but the indication employers have given to returning to a more normal salary review cycle in 2021 is certainly reassuring. 2021 projections show 87.4% of companies globally increasing salaries with far fewer implementing salary freezes. This highlights employer optimism for 2021.
The overall employment trends seem to indicate rising salaries. That makes it tougher for hiring teams to compete right? Right. But there are more ways to compete than simply entering into salary wars.
In this post, we’re going to discuss:
  • The Current Market for IT, Engineering and Business Operations Professionals
  • How Hiring Managers Can Compete for Talent
Let’s dive in and take an objective look at the current market for IT, engineering, and business operations professionals.
Average salaries in all three of these coveted professions are approaching the $100,000 mark, and even climbing north of 100k in many cases
Bear in mind that compensation is always commensurate with experience, education, certifications, etc. But those are some pretty impressive overall numbers.
Great jobs are prevalent in virtually every state and in most major metropolitan areas. Remote work opportunities also create numerous flexible workforce options as well.
So how can hiring managers compete more effectively for talent?
These are just three considerations for hiring managers to think about:
  • Proudly and Prominently Promote Your Brand
  • Meticulously Screen Employees Who Fit Your Corporate Culture
  • Be Flexible with Compensation and Benefits Packages
Make sure you make every candidate feel comfortable with your company’s culture, persona, and brand. Most companies have gone to great lengths to create an awesome corporate environment, so
As an HR professional, you know your corporate culture better than anyone else. Make sure you have a detailed profile of what a good cultural fit looks like in a candidate, and use that profile in the screening process.
Last, but not least, try to be as flexible as possible with your job opportunity. Not every position can be 100% remote. But try to create work-lifestyle options that can accommodate your prospective new employee. This includes flexible shifts, partial and full remote work options, flexible PTO, aggressive retirement benefit options, performance bonus plans, etc.
These business intangibles can often be the final recruitment and hiring dealmakers. Many IT, engineering and business operations professionals are considering new opportunities. That creates great hiring and employment opportunities on both sides of the workforce equation.
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