Some Simple Tech Job Search Advice for Recent College Graduates

Congratulations, you just graduated from college! Now it’s time to find a great-paying job that you’ll love. So, where do you start? Landing your first job after college can seem like a daunting task.
However, you can do a few things to simplify the process and improve your chances of landing your dream job quickly.
At mCubed, we help recent graduates find great jobs all the time. And in this post, we’ll cover the basics of job hunting for college graduates. Here’s what the high-level how-to looks like:
  • Start with the basics
  • Do some career-centric soul-searching and self-evaluation
  • Decide where to start your job search
Start by creating a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.
Also, be willing to get creative. We wanted to share some great advice from the professional branding experts at Work It Daily:
Don't let your degree collect dust. Put your talent and brand out there through networking. Lend your skills to organizations that can't afford to hire. Moonlight. Start a hobby hustle. Take more classes. Don't let your education end at the stage.
Work It Daily discusses the value of internships for new graduates, and we couldn’t agree more. Use these gems to beef up your LinkedIn profile, resume, and self-confidence.
You should also consider spending $150 to $200 for a professionally constructed initial resume. There are several excellent services available that we recommend. Our team will help with any final tweaks to make it “hiring-manager-ready!”
Next, you’ll need to update your LinkedIn profile from a college student to a professional job seeker. Your next potential employer wants to see excitement and energy. Promote yourself by proudly portraying whatever you have to show. This includes college employment, internships, volunteer work, and work-related hobbies.
Do some career-centric soul-searching and self-evaluation
You need to make some very important, essential decisions. Are you planning on, or open to a physical move? Do you prefer to work remotely, in-office, or hybrid? What skills do you have, and what can you contribute to a new employer on day one? Are you looking for an entry-level job?
Once you’ve figured out the basics, it’s time to get going.
Decide where to start and get started job-hunting!
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Our goal at mCubed staffing is to help you find a great job that fits your skills and experience. We’re here to help you get your career off on the right foot.
We’ll take the time to get to know you, your strengths, and your career goals. We also have intimate knowledge of the best hiring companies and the overall hiring markets.
We can keep you out of the overcrowded web of job boards, job search engines, job aggregators, and career help sites.
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