Remote IT Pros: It’s Time To Organize Your Work-From-Home Office!

Another year is coming to an end. So let’s get ready for a great 2022! 
As IT professionals, we’ll all have some excellent job and career growth opportunities next year for sure.
But what about this year? It’s almost over, but you’re finally going to do it; you’re going to organize your work-from-home office! Now that might sound like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.
Even if you think your office is already organized and tidy, this post will provide some additional tips on making the most of your space. The folks at HGTV also have some great tips to help you as well, if you still need a little more help!
So let's have some fun and get started.
In this post, we’re going to help all of you remote-working IT professionals jump-start your New Year’s resolutions with some easy-to-follow tips:
  • Declutter your office space and get rid of anything that doesn't serve a purpose
  • Make sure you have enough storage for all your work-related items
  • Get organized with labels, bins, and other organizational tools to make finding things easier
  • Tidy up any electronics or cords, so they are not in your way
  • Use natural light to brighten up the room as much as possible
  • Add plants or other decorations to give your office an inviting feel
  • Bonus Tip—You don’t want to miss this one!
I think everyone would agree that we all need to declutter our office spaces. The old rule of thumb applies: If you haven’t touched it in a month, file it or toss it.
You want your space to be as neat and tidy as possible.
You just never know when that dream job opportunity might come along, and you’ll have to do an unexpected virtual interview.
Now that you’ve gotten rid of some excess clutter, It’s time to make sure you have enough storage for all your work-related items. Treat yourself to an early Christmas gift and buy that two-drawer filing cabinet you’ve been considering.
But don’t stop with the filing cabinet! Get organized with some labels, bins, and other tools to simplify organizing and finding things. Don’t go too far with storage containers though. Part of the reason for the cleanup is to create some space in your space. Go back to step one, rinse and repeat, until you’re sufficiently decluttered.
Now it’s time to organize your devices and cords. Amazon and many other retail outlets have tons of cable and cord organizing solutions. Pick one or two that you like. It’s time to stop tripping over those electronics cords.
So now you’re sufficiently decluttered, you have plenty of storage space, and you’re no longer tripping over your cords. So what’s left?
Just a few final touches. Add a cool plant, a picture or two, and adjust your space’s natural and artificial light to your personal, optimal level.
Voila! Your office is now ready for an incredible 2022!
And what about that bonus tip? From all your friends at mCubed Staffing—have a relaxing holiday season and enjoy some much-needed downtime with friends and family!
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