Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

Never worked with a recruiter? No problem! We've compiled a list of questions you may want to consider asking your recruiter prior to having your resume submitted!


Some candidates are lucky enough to have worked with a recruiter before, but many candidates still don't know what questions to ask their recruiter. While online applications are totally doable for some, there are some opportunities not posted online you may be missing out on! So, we decided to come up with some basic questions to ask your recruiter in the preliminary interview so you can feel confident you're making a good decision and aware of your options!

  1. What might I be able to do to stand out as a candidate in this role?

  2. Is there a high demand for my skill-set in the area? If not, what skills might I be able to pick up to help me better succeed in my position?

  3. What might be expected of me in this role?

  4. Are benefits provided to me through this role?

  5. What is the company culture like? Do you think I'd be a good fit?

  6. What is the clients target salary for this role?

While the list above is not an all-inclusive list, it's a good starting point for understanding what kind of questions you should be considering when interviewing for a new role. Remember to look through your recommendations on Linkedin and if you are discussing a position with a recruiter, make sure you know where your resume is being sent. Too many candidates do not keep track of where their resume is being sent and are at risk of double submitting their resume (which has the potential to hurt your chances of being considered for some roles).




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