Need A Few Great Hiring Tips To Attract Recent College Graduates?

Human resources teams and hiring managers agree that there are some excellent candidates in the ranks of recent college graduates. But how can you attract the best recent college grads to your workforce? Today’s college graduates are independent and tech-savvy. They’re also picky about employment opportunities and tend to focus on work-lifestyle challenges. The business software experts at Zen Business software outline some of the hiring challenges with college graduates:
You’ve heard the stats. There are massive amounts of recent college graduates that are looking for a job. They’re talented, they’re driven, and they’re waiting to make an outstanding impact on your company. If you’re new to hiring or your employees have been with you a while, you might not know that hiring the youngest and brightest in the workforce requires you to play by a different set of rules.
Workforce and workplace habits and environments change generationally. These changes are primarily based on lifestyle-changing technologies that profoundly affect people and the places and manner in which they perform their work functions.
Some historical examples are the availability of electricity at scale, the emergence of massive mechanical engines and machinery to power factories, the automobile, computers, PCs, smartphones, and the modern internet with tangential communications tools.
The modern internet, technology, and the overwhelming recent move toward remote work environments have collectively created a generational shift in work habits for recent college graduates.
So how can human resources professionals and hiring managers adapt to the new workforce mentality?
We’re going to keep this simple and on point.
Understand the Millennial and Gen Z employment mindset.
The numbers are in on the work-lifestyle preferences of Millenials and Gen Z college grads. From a recent article in Business Insider:
A PwC survey all the way back in 2013 found that millennials wanted to structure their jobs around their daily schedules, exactly the same type of flexibility that Gen Z said they desired in a 2019 study by recruiting platform Yello. According to a 2020 Gallup Poll, millennials and Gen Z both prioritize employers that care about their wellbeing; this was all before The Great Resignation.
Provide work-lifestyle benefits and promote them in your corporate culture and brand.
This means remote work and flexible schedule options, task-based work environments, paid PTO, non-compensation benefits like healthcare and retirement plans, and a culture that promotes overall employee wellness.
There are some excellent employees in the ranks of recent college graduates. But it takes a recruiting and hiring process that’s adaptive to the current worker mentality.
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Are you a hiring manager or human resources professional with a job search, or searches, underway? The first step toward exceptional candidate placement is getting your job description in front of the right pool of candidates, including recent college graduates. This critical step makes the entire hiring process go smoothly.
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