How to take back control of your inbox!

Is your inbox a source of stress or an excellent communication channel?
We’ve worked with enough job candidates over the years to say that it’s probably a little of both.
I think we would all agree that we can all do a better job of managing our inboxes. And this post will demonstrate three simple ways to make that happen.
Before we get started, though, let’s take a look at what Wikipedia has to say about technostress:
Some of the earliest technostress scholarly studies in the field of Management Information Systems show that technostress is an undesirable phenomenon spawned by use of computing and communication devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. Newer empirical research in this field however indicates that technostress has both positive and negative aspects.
That’s a great definition. And email can definitely be a source of technostress if not adequately managed. So let’s look at three simple inbox maintenance tips to destress your workday.
Optimize your inbox to separate and segregate email messages. Create multiple message folders that you can quickly scan and prioritize. Have a folder for your team, team lead, direct reports, etc.
Use alarms and other notification features and reminders.
For example, don’t forward every message to your phone. Stick to email-based calendar reminders and prioritized messages only to forward to your mobile. In other words, take a tiered approach—only forward business-essential messages.
After you’ve organized your messages and tiered your devices, it’s time to prioritize your emails. You know which messages are important and require an immediate response because you set up prioritized folders, alerts and notifications when you optimized your inbox.
Now it’s time to be disciplined about sticking to your optimized priorities.
This is the best and easiest part. Delete messages that aren’t important as soon as you finish reading them. This includes spam and junk that makes it through your filters. Don’t worry about archiving emails—your company will have policies in place for long-term message archival.
The career advice experts at The Muse offer a 10-step process to manage your inbox. But if you start with these three tips, you’ll be on your way to reducing technostress and freeing up time to be more productive.
Don’t cave into technostress, and don’t leave your next career move to chance.
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