How to Form a High-Performance, Motivated, Technical Team With mCubed

We’ve seen some excellent HR professionals and hiring managers build some highly effective technical teams over the years. As recruiters in the knowledge worker space, we regularly engage with hiring teams to help them in the team-building process.
But what are the fundamental building blocks in corporate team building?
In this post, we’ll share three foundational elements of the team-building process that we’ve gleaned from some of our most successful clients over the years.
It’s always best to start with the basics. Here’s what the experts at TBTECH had to say about successful technical teams in a recent article:
Being an expert in something teaches you how to go deep. And what happens when you put these experts all in one team? You become the team that is the unequivocal go-to for a technology, platform or approach.
What defines a successful team?
Results matter. In fact, with our most successful hiring clients, results are all that matters in the end. Now, we don’t mean that successful teams work on goals with relentlessly long hours and blind ambition. That’s not a sustainable strategy.
Successful teams assist with defining achievable goals that can be met. These goals are often ambitious, innovative, and aggressive, but they are achievable. All successful technical teams assist and have input in the process of defining their objectives. They know their capabilities and limitations.
Great teams can take years to assemble. Every member of the team has been carefully selected and recruited over the years as a subject matter expert. Once exceptional teams are in place, retention becomes the driving force for human resources professionals.
How do human resources and hiring professionals build consistently high-performing teams?
Hiring professionals know exactly what they’re looking for in a candidate before they start their search. The process starts with a comprehensive job description. Our clients engage our recruiting and staffing team to help them find the perfect pool of candidates to meet their strict hiring criteria.
Hard skills are important in the search process, but soft skills, especially leadership, and cultural fit are equally important. Long-term employment success will depend on sourcing exceptional, scrupulously vetted, cultural fits with the hard and soft skills required for long-term employment success.
What is leadership’s role?
Leadership’s role is primarily to trust, support, and enable the success of their go-to technical teams. It can take years to assemble exceptional, reliable tech teams. Once they’re in place, job one is to retain them and give them the autonomy and tools that they need to continue to be successful.
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