How to Bounce Back After Being Rejected for a Position

We've all more than likely had at least one experience where we've been rejected for a position, but sometimes it's hard to bounce back after multiple rejection letters from hiring managers. That's why we compiled this list of things to ask yourself after being rejected for a position. We're here to help you bridge the gap between the job you have and the job you want, one interview at a time!
What Did You Like / Not Like About The Role?
By evaluating what you liked / disliked about the role you interviewed for, we can help you narrow down what kind of role may be looking for by communicating what kind of roles we've seen candidates with similar experience placed in. By working with a recruiter, you're able to further narrow down what kind of things you may be looking for in a new role by consulting with an experienced professional who is specifically aware of the current job market in your skillset and industry.
Did You Prepare Well Enough?
This one may be the hardest question to ask yourself after an interview. Did you truly prepare well enough for the interview? What kind of questions did you tend to struggle with while being interviewed, if any? While taking a long, hard look in the mirror may be difficult, it's a truly essential step to discovering how you may improve not only in the interview but as a professional as well. Maybe studying common interview questions, technical questions or preparing a sample portfolio for the interviewer may have helped you better. Be honest with yourself on this one and you will notice leaps and bounds of improvements. TIP: Practice with a recruiter, friend or colleague prior to the interview!
What Other Factors Could've Caused a Rejection for the Interview?
Think of what other factors may have caused a rejection for the interview. Did you dress in business casual attire? Were you well groomed (ironed clothes, fresh breath, hair styled / groomed, showered and free of body odor / smoke, a light application perfume or body spray, etc. )? Did you maintain eye contact and ask questions after the interview? If attending an online interview, did you be sure to check your connection prior and ensure you were in a distraction free space? Did you seem interested in the position or company? These are all different factors that may have caused a rejection for the second interview if poorly executed or practiced.
How can I improve for a future interview?
We encourage you to reach out to one of our recruiters for additional interview advice and practice before your next interview! This way, we can offer additional advice on where you may need improvement and what kind of role to target within your salary expectations and top values in a new role alongside gain key feedback from the client on what you may have done right / wrong.
How can I get help with interview coaching and finding a new role?
For interview help or finding a new role, feel free to send a copy of your resume to with a few details about yourself and what you're looking for! We are specialized in IT, Professional and Engineering industries across the United States. Send us an email today!