How Can Professionals Find a Job That’s Beneficial to Their Mental Health?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. And we wanted to share some thoughts on how knowledge workers can find jobs that won’t cause stress, anxiety, and other issues that might lead to serious mental health struggles.
But just how prevalent are mental health issues in the workplace? We consulted the experts at Society for Human Resource Management:
As in the past two years, employers identify stress and burnout as a major threat for their workforces, according to survey results released in January by consultancy WTW (formerly Willis Towers Watson).
The firm's 2021 Wellbeing Diagnostic Survey, conducted in October, asked 322 U.S. employers with 100 or more employees about their expectations for 2022. Among the findings:
  • 86 percent of employers said mental health, stress and burnout were still a priority.
  • 49 percent, however, had not formally articulated a well-being strategy for their workforce.
  • 26 percent had adopted a well-being strategy.
These are rather alarming workforce statistics for HR professionals and hiring managers.
Especially in the wake of the Great Resignation. So how can job seekers avoid potential job environments that could lead to undue stress and anxiety?
It starts with a self-evaluation. We don’t claim to be psychologists here at mCubed. And anyone suffering from serious psychological issues should consult a professional.
But we've seen enough unhappy new hires over the years to know that toxic culture is usually the primary cause of new-employee dissatisfaction.
We point out in a previous post:
Self-evaluations are about being completely candid both with yourself and others. A reflective, genuine self-evaluation will provide you with valuable information that will help shape your career path and build additional credibility as a professional.
Only you know what kind of work environments you need to avoid. Evaluate the culture of any potential new employer extensively. Use your network as your go-to resource. Then use sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn to see what current and former employees think about the company.
Also, make sure you focus on a work-lifestyle balance that fits your personal goals. This is critical to satisfaction in the workplace. And it’s almost always negotiable in today’s world of flexible employment.
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