How Can Companies And HR Teams Empower Women in Tech Jobs?

That’s a great question. In a recent article, the HR experts at Intuit weighed in:
For the last decade, we’ve been encouraging women to “lean in” and put their careers first. This has enabled big strides in equal representation– but at what cost? One study reported in BBC found that mothers in paid employment are 23% more likely to experience burnout than fathers.
There are a lot of talented women on the sidelines in IT right now, and many of them are looking for a great company to work for.
So let’s make sure you have the right environment to attract and retain one of these awesome female IT pros. In a previous post, we offered some timely advice from women in tech to women in tech.
In this post, we’ll discuss two simple ways companies can attract and retain the best female IT talent—especially moms:
  • Work-lifestyle benefits designed for women
  • Create an inclusive workplace for women
The tech social platform BuiltIn points out that a whopping 64% of women want flexible shifts, work hours, and locations. And in today’s world “locations” means remote work options.
It’s also common for women to want the flexibility that allows them to be the primary caregiver to their children.
So, let’s provide the work-lifestyle benefits that women want and deserve.
Here’s a good start:
  • Flexible work hours
  • Remote work options
  • Equitable compensation across the board—including health benefits, paid PTO, bonuses, retirement, and equity ownership opportunities
Create an inviting, inclusive workplace for women.
This starts with executive management and should permeate the entire organization organically from the top down. But what does inclusivity really mean? First and foremost, it means respect.
Giving all employees an equal opportunity to contribute in meetings, compete equitably for bonuses, pay raises, promotions, advancement opportunities, etc.—these are all tangible ways to show women, and all employees, that they are valued and respected equally.
Last, but not least, think about implementing a mentoring program for women. We’ve seen firsthand how mentoring programs can be especially effective for women in the technology space.
Let’s work together to create a welcoming, inclusive workforce environment for these hidden gems of the IT world—we’ll all be glad we did!
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