Friend or Foe - Recruiters

Struggling to find your next position? Considering a recruiter might not be too bad of an option.

Should I Use a Recruiter to Find My Next Position?

As we all know, online job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster allowing the opportunity for candidates and companies to connect, in hopes of making a successful job match. The problem? With so many people online, the competition is rapidly increasing as your resume needs to stand-out even more in an endless sea of applicants in the area. While using a recruiter might be out of your comfort zone, there are many benefits to consider at least talking to one.

Why Should I Trust a Recruiter?

Whether you believe it or not, a recruiter has genuine interest in understanding your desired career outcome. A recruiters job is to be an expert in not only knowing your experience and aspirations, but also in understanding the art of talent match-making. Agencies like mCubed Staffing specialize in industry-specific fields like IT, Engineering, and Business Operations. They do their due-diligence up front for you through understanding exactly what the client needs, what their working environment is, what people like about working there, flexibility and challenges you might face, etc. Recruiters are also experts in salary negotiation, as they know what competitors are offering for similar positions and what your tenure is worth! 

Don't They Just Want Me To Take Any Position?

As simply put as can be, without mutual happiness for both client and candidate, we would have no ground to base our business off of. The recruiter’s individual success is directly dependent on your success, so ensuring you’re in a happy and healthy environment long-term is vital in hopes you will refer them to friends and colleagues. Their clients wouldn't come to them looking to fill positions, nor would candidates be accepting (or rejecting) offers through them. Recruiting involves finding - and keeping - top talent as the lifeblood of their business which is why it's imperative they're keeping their reputation sound on either end. Placing you in a random position you aren't happy in would be counterproductive to both your personal goals and what the client hired them to do. One bad attitude employee is enough to derail an entire team, decreasing productivity and costing the company money.

Interested In Hearing More?

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