Considering Contract

Should I consider a contract position?



Unfortunately these aren’t the glory days of decades worth of tenure, pensions, and retirement parties with your desk-mate Carol’s famous chocolate cake. Some companies have already undergone mass layoffs of “permanent” direct hire employees to cut costs on benefits, 401k, and severance. Some feel direct hire is a safer option, but that’s not always the case. What job seeking candidates need to realize is that job longevity doesn't necessarily equal job security; your future depends on your skill set. If you perform well and have a positive impact on the company, managers are more likely to keep you on staff as attitude and performance are becoming increasingly more important than longevity. Clients are hiring on a contract-to-hire basis more and more in hopes of recruiting and retaining top talent without the need to commit long-term right off the bat. As a contractor you also get paid for every hour you work (including approved overtime), as opposed to your salaried position working 50 hours a week, you're compensated for the additional time you're there!


Don’t I Lose My Benefits Package With Contract?


Contrary to what some may think, some staffing companies offer benefits, PTO and other perks including training reimbursement to better your career so be sure to ask! Contract roles may also offer the same flexibility and advancement opportunities if chosen to be hired after the contract ends as well. Most contract roles will allow for the opportunity to be hired in after the contract ends if the candidate is a good fit. Some also offer tuition reimbursements, so candidates are given the opportunity to try to strengthen their skill sets for the client.


What Are Some Benefits of a Contract Role?


Staffing agencies have an entire sales and recruiting team behind you, responsible for being your personal talent matchmakers! With resume formatting and interview practice, agencies are dedicated to having your best interest at mind in making sure you're fully prepared for the interview and beyond. So, if something were to change or a project were to end, you can feel confident in your decision. Not to mention, it's not a bad thing to have someone representing you with an established relationship with the hiring manager to make your resume stand out. Again, remember staffing agencies main goal is to keep you happily employed (for along as possible). Not every job is going to be the right fit, and contract roles offer a flexible approach to employment opportunities allowing candidates and companies the ability of “try before they buy” jobs. It’s also becoming an increasingly popular option for individuals considering a career change. 

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