Competing Job Offers? Here’s a Simple Way to Perform a Job Offer Comparison

Comparing competing job offers can be a difficult task. There are many different factors that need to be considered when evaluating offers, and it can often seem overwhelming to sort through them all.


Job board giant Indeed suggests 15 metrics, but we’re going to make it even simpler. 



You’ve come to the right place to sort it all out.


In this post, you will find these simple tools that you can use to perform a job offer comparison, quickly and accurately:

  • Priorities List-Weighted Format

  • Compensation Matrix

  • Benefits Matrix

  • Work/Lifestyle Matrix

  • Bonus Tip!


Let’s get started. We’re going to make this simple and fun.



Set up a matrix of the basic metrics, You can see that we started with:


  • Salary

  • Health Benefit

  • PTO

  • Vacation


You’ll assign your personal arbitrary value to the metrics like health benefits. Don’t make it too complicated. Just look at the basics like overall coverage and deductible, and give it a rating. The higher the rating the more it suits you.



Salary and the other measurements are much easier. For example, just take the monthly base pay in thousands of dollars and divide by 10.



You can evaluate individual categories in more detail later, but for now, you just want to generate a high-level score for each offer.



Now put your personal weighting factor next to each category. This part is entirely subjective. It should make you think seriously about what metrics you put the highest personal values on.



The hard part is done. Now just multiply your personal weighting factors by each category’s rating, and voila! You have a score that should give you a reasonable personal evaluation of the two offers.  



As you can see from our example, the highest salary doesn’t always win.



Now that you have the basics down, just create a similar table for work/lifestyle metrics. You might start with some basic categories like these:


  • Work Remote

  • Work In Office

  • Commute

  • Incentive and Performance Bonuses

  • Travel Requirements


Have some fun with your job evaluation and get as detailed as you want.



Oh, and what about that bonus tip? At mCubed, we always keep our promises!



Always evaluate the culture of both companies. This is that critical final evaluation point that will help you confidently make your final decision.


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