Client Guide: How to Prepare to Work with an Agency

You're desperate for help and finally gained the approval from upper-level management to utilize an agency for your vacant roles...what now? We know the struggle and have multiple clients who trust in us to help alleviate some of the stress involved with filling a vacant role. We wanted to provide a list of some of the top ways you can help your company prepare to work with an agency.
Have a Job Description or Top Skills in Mind
While having a designated job description for the role may not be necessary to start sourcing candidates, it's important to be aware of what kind of top skills and tasks are needed for the role. Be sure if you do not have a job description that you know what kind of experience level is needed, the budgeted salary for that type of role, and what kind of challenges you may have seen in the past with such a role. Sometimes it's a matter of misunderstanding the scope of the work needed to be done.
Have a Timeframe in Mind
Having a timeframe in mind is essential to know how long the position will be open and how quickly we will need to source candidates for the company. By putting a timeline on the hiring process, it makes it easier to know where we can source from and how long we have to compile a list of our top candidates. If you are considering to have the role on a contract basis, think about what a potential timeline for the role may look like. We've had clients in need of candidates on a contract basis for as short as one month and as long as 3 years (with the potential for hire in). Try to brainstorm what the timeline may look like before speaking with your account manager so you have a general idea, there are always opportunities to make changes along the way.
Trust in Your Account Manager
While this may seem cliché, we want to remind you that you can trust in us! We work with clients who are struggling to find qualified candidates on a daily basis. We possess over 50 years of combined staffing experience and have become market experts in the IT, Professional and Engineering industries across the US. We know how quickly your competitors roles are being filled, how much a reasonable salary would be for a specific role, and more!
Interested in Speaking with an Account Manager?
Interested in speaking with an account manager on how we can help you staff your vacant roles? We're here to help! Please send us an introductory email to!