Best Practices for Upskilling Your Tech Career

Is upskilling really important to advance your tech career?
Upskilling is more important for technology professionals than ever before. The Harvard Business Review sums it up succinctly:
The World Economic Forum estimates that more than half of all employees around the world need to upskill or reskill by 2025 to embrace the changing nature of jobs.
Tech Republic also points out that the top ten technology jobs in 2022 are all paying salaries north of 100k, not including non-salary benefits.
So how can technology professionals stay on top of their game with the skills they’ll need to survive and thrive for the next five years?
This post will discuss three essential ingredients for effective technical upskilling. It all starts with some personal decisions.
Decide what you want to do with your career in the coming years.
Whatever you want your career path to look like in the next several years, it’s probably doable with some effort. Maybe you’re burned out as a coder and would like to get into DevOps. Or perhaps you have a mathematics background, and you’d like to get into the field of data analytics.
People make career decisions for different reasons. And the technology world has changed significantly over the last five years. Employers put substantially less value on degrees and often favor relevant experience and certifications.
The most important thing is for you to choose a career path career and start pursuing it. But how can you get started?
Talk to your employer to see if they will support your efforts.
Employers are highly conscious of the need for employee retention. This is especially true for tech employees. Approach your team lead and see what they think about your objectives. You may be surprised at the level of support you receive.
What if your current employer is not receptive to a change in direction? You should consider engaging with a recruiter. It’s never too early to start a job search or to investigate potential job opportunities.
Certifications can provide an excellent upskilling path.
Online certifications are an excellent way to acquire new skills you can monetize and leverage with potential employers. Hiring teams place an extremely high value on cloud certifications from online education platforms like Udemy and A Cloud Guru, for example.
These certifications are affordable, and you can get them on your schedule and at your pace. So, what’s the takeaway?
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