Become a Master of Working from Home (With Kids)

Parents around the globe are now becoming responsible for not only their own work, but ensuring their kids remote learning projects are done as well. With so much going on, we wanted to bring attention to this unique moment in history, alongside provide some tips to help accommodate the changes we've been experiencing as of late.


Use Visual Cues to Designate Work Hours and Space


Help your children build a general association with your workspace and quiet-time by consistent behavior and "quiet-hours" during work hours. Consistency is key with visual cues and strict work hours to allow for your children to understand the connection between your work-from-home set-up and personal time. Create a clear, designated work space and establish rules on when it's appropriate to be disturbed and not. Reward positive behavior when recognized as well.


Create and Keep to a Routine


As we discussed in the previous section, routine is truly essential to helping build a consistent and timely schedule. After a while, they will be able to associate the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors while adding much needed structure to their lives as they are likely working on the transition into remote learning as well. Not only will this help you, but will help them in discovering what kind of opportunities they feel comfortable with in encouraging them to be more independent.


Communicate Needs With Managers and Coworkers


While it may be embarrassing to have your child in the background of a Zoom meeting with colleagues, it's important to communicate your situation and needs to your manager and team. If you think there will be consistent problems with interruptions or distractions, communicate your predicament to your manager and work with them on solutions to better adapt to your current situation. Many managers themselves are having to deal with remote schooling and other changes brought about by the pandemic and are well aware of the unique challenges brought about by such a time in history.


Set Realistic Expectations


Time to get realistic with yourself and your team! If you think you're not going to be able to make a deadline or feel you will continue to run into problems, take a moment to recognize what areas you are able to manage and communicate these areas to your team. Set and manage your own expectations alongside your team's expectations by figuring out manageable working hours, best available times for Zoom meetings or calls, and how much you feel you may be able to get done in a given week (even with disruptions).


Ask for Help When Needed


It's important to realize that we are all enduring a significant time in world history and the ability to feel overwhelmed is not only justified but common amongst many. We must all come together and extend additional grace to our fellow teammates for these incredibly challenging times to help each other out. Whether it be virtually or not, we must recognize that the only way we can get through times like this in history have been by working together to address these unique challenges.


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