Are You Prepared to Talk Salary In An Interview? | A Quick How-To

Most of us have been there. The interview is going great, you think you’ve got the job, and…
The interviewer hits you with the money question: “So what are your salary expectations?”
According to CRM giant HubSpot, salary is still one of the top factors candidates consider when evaluating a job opportunity. So why are most interviewees typically unprepared for, or uncomfortable with, that inevitable question?
In this post, we’ll share three simple tips to address the compensation question:
  • Know your industry
  • Know your value in the market
  • Be confident
Know your industry
Job seekers need to know the compensation levels in their specialty and geography. Compensation levels can differ significantly from state to state. And regional compensation differences are particularly relevant when considering remote work.
Job candidates also need to evaluate their compensation needs in the context of career and personal financial goals. For example, it might make sense to pursue a new opportunity to advance your skills, with no pay increase, or even a slight decrease.
What’s the bottom line? To quote Shakespeare's Hamlet, “To thine own self be true.”
Know your value in the market
Evaluate yourself through the lens of what the market is generally paying for your skills and where you currently are professionally and experientially. Use a simple scale: Are you at the top, middle, or lower end of the experience spectrum?
Consider your geography and current compensation level to develop a reasonable salary range to pursue with your prospective new employer. Make sure you know your upper and lower salary limits.
Be confident
Don’t be afraid to ask for the compensation and benefits that you feel you merit, and never underestimate your value. You’ve done the research, you’ve worked hard, and now it’s time to ask for an appropriate salary and benefits package with confidence.
A partnership with a recruiter that knows you, your career goals, and your space is the best way to navigate the current hiring market. Your recruiter-partner knows the companies looking for candidates with your qualifications, work-lifestyle goals, and compensation preferences.
At mCubed, we can leverage our relationships with hiring teams to help you negotiate the optimum compensation and benefits package. We’re motivated by your success.
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