4 Secret Things That Will Benefit You in the Interview

Standing out amidst a plethora of candidates can be challenging with an influx of competition due to many companies conducting mass layoffs to stay afloat amidst a global pandemic.
Research the company before the interview
To stand out among other candidates, it is imperative that you conduct ample research on the company prior to the initial interview. What do we mean by this? Look up what kind of technologies they use, the company culture, what kind of projects they might be working on, any recent blog posts / events they may have attended or hosted, and any other kind of information you may be able to find on what the company does and how they want to position themselves in the market.
Adjust your resume for each job individually to reflect the verbiage, keywords, & skills listed in the job description
Adjusting your resume for each role to highlight keywords or phrases in the job description will immediately help with getting an interview. By curating your resume to each specific job you are applying for, you will instantly start showing up on the radar for companies who use recruiting software since you will have the specific verbiage they are looking to employ. If you have not used the specific technologies listed, try to highlight what similar technologies or experience you may have undergone.
Practice your answers to common interview questions
This is where a lot of candidates tend to get nervous. A majority of the time it has been multiple months or years since candidates have gone to an interview and need a bit of a refresher. Refer to our common interview questions post to see how you can answer some of the top interview questions hiring managers will ask during the interviewing process.
Work with a recruiter to help you stand out among other candidates
While it's common to submit your application to a company yourself, working with a recruiter can help give you a competitive advantage among other candidates due to a number of reasons. Recruiting / staffing agencies have account managers with personal relationships with the hiring manager to pre-qualify and understand the most important requirements of each role may be. Additionally, after the interview the account manager is able to get personalized feedback about the interview and what may have gone right / wrong. In turn, candidates are able to practice how to adjust their answers with their recruiter if not asked back for a second interview. Instead of getting a generic rejection email, you can actually polish your interviewing skills further with this feedback.
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