3 Ways To Demonstrate Your Value Proposition To A Hiring Team

You know deep inside that you’re a good fit for the job you’re applying for. That’s excellent news, right?
Hiring teams and HR professionals are always looking for high-value employees. According to the career advancement pundits at The Balance Careers:
Employers look for candidates who will add value to their organization, and one of the hiring manager’s goals is to make sure the people they hire are top performers who will succeed in the position.
So how do you demonstrate your value as a potential new employee to the hiring manager?
Demonstrating your value-add capability is not as difficult as it might seem. This post will discuss three straightforward tips for job seekers to use in the interview process. So, let’s get started.
1. Focus on your potential new employer’s objective.
Hiring companies will always let candidates know what they’re looking for in their job descriptions. It’s up to the job seeker to pay close attention to every word.
You’ve used keywords from the job posting in your resume to get noticed by the applicant tracking software, and now it’s time to do the same thing in the interview.
You know what the interviewer is looking for. So, what’s the next part of the interview strategy?
2. Candidates must prepare for interviews with concise examples of their value proposition.
You need to be able to go into detail about your capabilities in the context of the hiring team’s expectations. Here’s a simple example.
The hiring company’s job description said something like, “Candidates must have experience integrating Python mathematics libraries in machine learning code modules.”
So, you discuss a real-world example that conveys how you used Python linear regression libraries to create a simple but very effective analytics algorithm.
3. Focus on benefits, not features!
Let’s stick with the coding example above. Here’s the feature-based value-add approach: “My degree in computer programming from XYZ University and years of coding experience enabled me to write the Python algorithm.”
Here’s the benefit-based approach: “The algorithm I created was integrated into the company’s code base as a snippet that was used to significantly expedite over 50 AI and analytics projects that saved them over a hundred thousand dollars in one year.”
Use these three tips in your next interview, and you’ll see positive results.
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