3 Tips to Shine in Your Zoom Interview | mCubed Part 2

Back in September of last year, we shared 3 tips for a successful Zoom interview:
  • Be Prepared with Your Technology, Your Appearance, and Demeanor
  • Be Prepared with Your Environment
  • Be Personable and Stand Out!
In this post, we wanted to share three additional tips to nail your virtual interview.
And here they are:
  • Be Prepared for Behavioral Questions
  • Feel Free To Use Electronic Props
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions
What exactly are behavioral interview questions?
They are the questions that interviewers borrow from behavioral psychologists to gauge your situational competencies. The STAR method provides a widely accepted way to respond to these types of behavioral questions.
Have some personal examples ready to share when the hiring professional asks questions like: “Tell me about yourself” or “Tell me about a previous good/bad experience you had with a client/coworker,” etc. Share real-life examples and be genuine with your answers. Also, feel free to have some notes online to jog your memory.
Feel free to use electronic props.
You’re in your comfort zone in your home office, so feel free to use the situation to your advantage. Have your resume handy and be ready to talk about it in detail. Also, have some work samples or other relevant work products ready to do a quick screen-share demo with the interviewer.
If you get the opportunity, demonstrating actual work samples from your experiential work history online can be an excellent way to impress a potential future employer. This will also show the interviewer that you’re comfortable using technology tools in a virtual work environment.
Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions…
Especially about corporate culture, opportunities for advancement, work-lifestyle benefits, etc. You want to respectfully let the interviewer know what’s important to you. And if you like the company and the potential job, don’t be afraid to share your excitement. Excitement is contagious, and interviewers want to see enthusiastic candidates.
Last, but not least, consider engaging with an experienced recruiter who knows the hiring markets intimately, and who will also get to know you and your career objectives intimately.
You want to stand out. The best way to do that is to have professional representation. A recruiting and staffing company already has personal relationships in place with hiring teams at great companies in your space. That’s leverage that you can use!
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