3 Simple Tips to Create the Perfect Engineering Resume

There are plenty of resume tip sheets and resume-building websites out there to be sure. That’s not what we’re providing with this post.
What we’re hoping to provide are some specific resume tips for engineers to follow that will help you stand out in your job search.
Engineers of all disciplines are in demand right now, but you’re looking for the perfect opportunity.
You want to stand out with hiring managers and human resources teams. According to online career advice giant Zety, corporate job offers will typically attract 250 resumes. Out of those resumes, 4-6 candidates will be interviewed and one will be offered a job.
In this post, we’ll discuss three tips you can follow to make your resume stand out:
  • Be Concise
  • Be Relevant
  • Be Bold
Shorter is better, so it’s important to be concise.
Monster: During his career recruiting and hiring engineers, Andrew Naslund, HR coordinator for consulting firm Mazzetti & Associates in San Francisco, has observed a tendency among engineers to “go into information overload on their resumes.” His advice? “Don’t.”
At mCubed, we tend to see resumes with unnecessarily detailed career objectives and job experiences that aren’t relevant to the specific position.
Resumes are often scanned by software applications that can reject a candidate in seconds for not having the exact skills and experience for the specific job search. So be concise.
Your skills and experience sections need to be relevant.
Tailor your skills and experience as tightly as possible to the job description. For example, a civil engineer applying for a job in land development would want to prominently focus heavily on experience and certifications in that specialty. And remember, keep it short and to the point.
Don’t be shy about touting your experience, skills, and certifications, especially those that are most applicable to the job.
The hiring manager is looking for a specific candidate with a specific experiential skill set. Make sure these descriptive sections of your resume are short, sweet, relevant, and focused, with keywords taken from the job description.
Following these three simple steps can help your resume stand out to both the screening software and the hiring manager.
Are you a candidate looking for that potential new dream job? Or maybe you’re just exploring potential new work opportunities or thinking about relocating?
Whatever your career objectives are, we can hel
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