3 Heartfelt Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Employees

I think we would all agree that people are every company’s most valuable asset. 
It’s the holiday season again, and that means there’s no better time to show your employees how valuable they are. But how can you show them your sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication?
We really liked what the experts over at Inc. Magazine had to say on the subject. Keynote speaker and author Scott Mautz shared some of his thoughts recently in an article at Inc.com.
We picked three out of Scott’s eight suggestions, that we especially liked, to share with you. We hope you like them as well!
1. Have someone in your family give an employee a gift.
Let me explain. I'd invite some key employees to a small, intimate holiday dinner. Unannounced, my wife and daughter would show up at the restaurant and give the employees gifts (from us three) and thank them. I'd let my guests know that having great employees like them is a true gift to me because of the impact they have on my home life. I'm able to be more present when I'm home. I'm less stressed out. I'm a better dad and husband because I can leave work at work. Why? Because of these amazing employees sitting across from me at dinner.
It always came from the heart because it was true--having great employees really does affect the quality of your home life. I recently had an employee tell me they remember such a dinner and gift-giving, 20 years ago.
2. Write letters to their families.
Write a note to an employee's family, letting them know what an amazing person and employee they are. Family members rarely get a glimpse into how their at-home-hero is perceived at work. Of course, wish the family a joyous holiday season, or any sentiment depending on the time of year.
3. Include family members in important employee announcements.
This comes from the spirit of the previous idea; it's another powerful way to give the family of the employee a glimpse into what a big deal their loved one is at work. If you're announcing a promotion, award, or anything announcement-worthy involving an employee, arrange to have his or her family members on the phone (speakerphone or even FaceTime or Skype).
Letting the family be a part of a special moment so they can see how valued the employee is in a different context is memorable and appreciated by all.
Remember to always show your sincere appreciation to all of your co-workers and employees for a job well done. And there is no better time than the holidays to do it.
From all your friends at mCubed Staffing—have a relaxing holiday season and enjoy some much-needed downtime with friends and family!
And to all of our hiring manager and human resources friends, let’s get ready for an incredible 2022!
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