2 Simple Tips to Become a More Successful Engineer

Engineering is an expansive field. The term “engineering” spans from computer technology to packaging design, to aeronautics, to mechanical design, and on and on. There are hundreds of different types of engineers working on a myriad of diverse projects at any given moment in time.
But there are also some commonalities.
The bottom line is that hiring managers are always on the lookout for talented engineers who can efficiently analyze problems and design innovative solutions to those problems. So what can engineers of all stripes do to build a more successful career? The answer to that question is twofold:
  • Start With Focus
  • Define What Success Means to You, Personally
As we stated at the beginning of the post, engineering is a vast field to be sure. In order to keep your head above the crowd and stay at the top of your game, you’ll need to focus on an area, or areas, of expertise. According to the global manufacturing engineering consultants at SL Controls: Successful engineering projects don’t happen by chance – successful engineering careers don’t happen by chance either. Therefore, define where you would like to be as an engineer in the medium and long-term. You’re not making an unbreakable commitment when you do this, but it will help to keep you focused and moving forward. In addition, regularly review your progress to achieving your goals.
Start With Focus
As the SL Controls article points out though, you’re not making a life-long commitment. You can course-correct as new opportunities for personal and professional growth and challenge present themselves.
Always keep in mind that developing focused expertise is essential to career growth. Demonstrable, specialized skills and certifications are necessary to show your current management and executive teams that you’re highly skilled, capable, and comfortable in your area(s) of expertise.
This will help you to be recognized as a high-value professional by your current employer, by recruiters looking for engineers with your skills, and by hiring managers, should you decide to become an active job seeker.
Define What Success Means to You, Personally
No matter where you are in your career, you should spend a few minutes defining what professional success means to you as an individual. You got into the engineering profession for a reason.
Evaluate the importance of several career metrics:
  • How important is it to you that you feel intellectually and professionally challenged?
  • How important are advancement and promotion?
  • How important is salary vs non-direct compensation benefits?
  • How important are work/lifestyle benefits (flexible schedules, remote work, etc.)?
Taking some time to examine your personal goals and priorities in the context of your career path will definitely be time well spent. You might even be surprised at your conclusions.
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